It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoI am so excited to host Fashion Flash  today.  Last week I was standing  in the Home Depot garden counter and I suddenly thought about all the flowers in our lives.  We use flowers in fragrances, skin care, in salads and in prints.  So this week  the Fashion Flash bloggers are sharing their  flower focused posts.  I know you will enjoy reading these posts as  much as I did.


-Did you know that flax seed comes from a pretty purple-blue flowering plant?  Melanie of Society Wellness reminds us why we should all keep consuming flax seed and flax seed oil for optimal health.

– Josephine of Chic At Any Age  shows  the best way to accessorize a flowered print dress

-Speaking of flowers, Cindy of Prime Beauty loves  Juicy Couture’s fresh new take on rose  with Juicy Couture Viva la Juicey Rose. It’s not your mother’s cloying rose scent!

-Maryl and Caryl of Second Lives Club were assigned to do the flowers for her Maryl’s son  home based wedding. Then they got carried away and  do the swags, candles, lights and lots of shells.

-Inka of Glamour Granny Travels just loves the wonderful  flowers Turkish silversmiths  create from silverthread.

Jackie of Aging Backwards  has tips  for lips and  some  beautiful lippies whoses  names are inspired by flowers.

– At  No-Nonsense Beauty Blog  I’ll  tell you how to use the anti-iflammatory, antioxidant and anti-bacterial  properties of roses  for  healthy beautiful skin.

-Tennis is the ultimate summer sport and Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai  has great, easy prehab exercies to prevent injuries.

-Make-up  can feel heavy and greasy  in summer. Erika of Notes From My Dressing Table  shows you the right way to do  summer  make-up with LuminessAir airbrush..Hot, sunny summer weather and your hair are often a bad combination.

-Hot sunny summer weather and  your hair are often a bad combination.Marcia of BeautyInfoZone  shows you two versions of AQUIS towels that you and your hair will love.

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