Rogaine is Growing My Eyebrows!

Rogaine and eyebrows

My eyebrows before Rogaine treatment

Rogaine seems to be really working on my too skinny eyebrows. Its been  almost two months since I began applying Rogaine foam twice a day  to my brow area. To be totally honest I had a rocky time getting into a treatment routinue.   For most of the first month, I would miss at least one application a day.  And some days I never got around to  using Rogaine at all. It certainly was not  time or labor intensive but definately  aan extra step.  It took me a month to get into a regular routinue so I feel I am really just  in the first month of treatment.

My eyebrows after a solid month applying Rogaine twice a day.

My eyebrows after a solid month applying Rogaine twice a day.

Rogaine Routinue 101

I have been using 5% Rogaine for women foam.  The instructions recommend filling the entire cap with foam and use it all over your scalp.  There are no recommendations for eyebrows so I wasted quite a bit of the full  cap.  After  two weeks, I  just  gave a quick squirt  into the cap  which was  more than I needed  for both brows.   I use a cotton wab and spread  it  everywhere in the eyebrow area.  This included on,   above, below  and at both ends of the brows.   As a teenager I had a unibrow and as much as I want fuller brows,  a middle aged  unibrow  was not the look I was going for.  I  really don’t know  if I am doing it correctly, but it seems like a reasonable approach.

Day after day I applied the foam.  There was  no sign that anything was happening and frankly it was hard to keep going without any visible results.  With a face  mask or peel you can see immediate benefits. But  with Rogaine  I was  just  going  on a hope and a prayer.   Then after  about a month of  diligent twice a day application I saw a sign of real growth in areas  where nothing had grown for years.  My right brow looked darker, thicker and almost normal.  My left brow which actually  had been in two parts now was a thin  but complete arch.   Now that  I can actually see real growth, I find it much easier to remember  to reapply it twice a day.  I spread on the foam right after my  shower and at night before I go to sleep.

I know that some of this new growth should be  removed for a better line, but right now every hair is very precious to me.   I have read that  it takes three months to achieve significant results, so I  am happy with my early results.  I will post  my eyebrows again in another month.

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  1. Thank you! Even my beauty friends could see the difference. I just love it when their are simple swears big problems.

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