It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week the always elegant Josephine of Chic At Any Age is hosting Fashion Flash.  She has that   European elegance I have always admired and  thanks to her  blog, I know  how its done.  She has homes in both London and St Tropez and she  shows how to look  elegant over 40 in every  season  and in any weather,  Make certain to subscribe to  her site so that you don’t miss a single  style filled post.


Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review:  Mediterranean Cooking for Diabetics by Robbin Ellis

I have  loved to cook since I was tall enough to reach … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Inka of Gamour Granny Travels is hosting Fashion Flash! I just love this honest and always fascinting site.  So  many travel posts are  written by professional travel writers  who are enjoying a free trip and promoting a hotel, cruise line  or travel agency.  Inka  lives and travels with the passion of an adventurer with the taste and style of a countess.

Honesty  in travel advice has become a personal passion. When I was  young a two star hotel  meant a simple, clean, and  well situated  hotel. Now even a three star hotel  can have all the comfort and charm of a crack house.  A few years go I booked a  room  in a bed and breakfast that was desribed on a popular travel site  as … Continue Reading…

Olympic Beauty Care

Olympic beauty tipsThe Summer Olympics of 2016 is the year of the women.  Strong, beautiful and determined, they dominated attention in the  swimming, track and gymnastic events. But these incredible  athletes are still women and they have developed  beauty care  routinues to meet the challenges of training and competing.  There are four key areas that they address– dry skin, body hair, dry hair and water resistant make-up.

Committment to Sun Protection

From  soccer players to synchronized swimmers, athletes in the Summer Olympics are exposed to unrelenting UV rays. While they are decades away from skin aging, they are at increased risk of  skin cancer.  In fact ,the Skin Cancer Foundation reports that in the last 30 years there are more cases of skin cancer than all other cancers combined. … Continue Reading…

Welcome to Fashion Flash!

fashion flash logoThis week, Barbara of Best of Everything After 50 is hosting Fashion Flash.  SHe has fast become  the role  model for our generation.  She inspires me everyday with her energy, commitment and  joy.  She has  a positive view  of againg  that makes me feel proud of my past and  excited to see what happens next. This  month  she is training for the NYC Marathon and  has not  let the  hot steamy weather stop her– and she is still smiling.

Fashion FLash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review:  Asian Beauty by Margaret Kimura

When evaluating lifestyle books, I look  for two key factors– the credentials of … Continue Reading…

What’s The Problem With Sunscreens?

sunscreens should be applied before hitting the beachThe sunscreens that we are told to use every day are now the focus of two respected consumer watchdog  organizations.  And they came up with two very different  lists of problems and recommendations.  Now what?

The venerable Consumer Reports reviewed  more than 60 lotions, sprays and sticks , all with an SPF over 30.  After rigorous testing ( more rigorous than required by the FDA) they reported that a startling 43% failed to deliver on their promised SPF.  Even more surprising, only 25% of mineral based sunscreens reached expected levels.  By contrast 58% of chemical sunscreens met promised protection levels. While better than the coverage than mineral sun protection formulations, its still leaves  much doubt about your protection on a sunny day.

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It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week I am  delighted that  Erika of Notes From My Dressing Table is hosting Fashion Flash. To me  she is a kindred spirit trying out new beauty tools and posting the results.  his week she posted  a new hair color that is a greyish ashy  blonde that is totally flattering to her skin and eyes.  I love to see what she  is trying out and you will too.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: Great Hair by Nick Arrojo

You probably  know Nick Arrojo  from What Not To Wear where  he changes a woman’s life with sissors and a hairdryer.  He is … Continue Reading…

Cosmoprof– The Best Beauty Show Got Even Better

Cosmprof is the world’s largest beauty show.  Each year  more than 1000 exhibitors  present new products, tools and techniques– and it can be overwhelming.  This year Cosmoprof made it so  much easier  to process the new  and  best in beauty.  They  grouped products into related sections so that I could focus time on a specific area- and find it again for follow-up photos and questions. I spent  most of my time at four key ares:

Cosmoprof-- Discover BeautyDiscover Beauty –Easy to access  stations feature carefully curated start-up brands and original products.  I “discovered” BlendSmart  an innovative automatic brush for applying foundation– and its a game changer.  I was  also so impressed with a line of products  designed  to protect the skin from pollution.  I recently … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion FLash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week the always fascinating Marylou of Second Lives Club  is hosting Fashion Flash. You hear alot about  empowerment  these days,  but Marylou  provides  real tools  rather than just talk. In her profiles of  women  who took charge of the second half of their lives she provides both inspirations as well as genuine steps  for  change   Subscribe to her site so that you don’t  miss a single valuable post.

Fashion Flash Book Review:  The Daily Face by Annamarie Tendler

Its been said  that if you have a 1 out  of 2 chance to be wrong,you  will be wrong  9 times out of 10.  That’s how I feel about make-up.  I can stock up on all the recommended products yet when i try to duplicate a specific … Continue Reading…