It’s Fashion FLash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week the always fascinating Marylou of Second Lives Club  is hosting Fashion Flash. You hear alot about  empowerment  these days,  but Marylou  provides  real tools  rather than just talk. In her profiles of  women  who took charge of the second half of their lives she provides both inspirations as well as genuine steps  for  change   Subscribe to her site so that you don’t  miss a single valuable post.

Fashion Flash Book Review:  The Daily Face by Annamarie Tendler

Its been said  that if you have a 1 out  of 2 chance to be wrong,you  will be wrong  9 times out of 10.  That’s how I feel about make-up.  I can stock up on all the recommended products yet when i try to duplicate a specific  look the  results are  best described as  ERIC FAIL.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewThat’s why I love paint  by the numbers guide books  like The Daily Face.  Written  by beauty blogger Annamarie Tendler, it  is small but mighty book    in full color and packed with wonderful info.  It begins with a review of her personal  make-up philosophy. Its both organized and genuinely helpful.  For example she  does not  like to  use foundation except for formal occasions or when you know when you are going to be photographed.   She goes into depth on eyelier options and techniques including  illustrating different types of lines and wings.

The bulk of this lovely  book offer detailed instructions for 25 different looks. There are 7 looks each for daytime, evening and party/clubbing plus 3 exotic looks  for costume parties.  Most of these  styles are immensely flattering and wearable.  The  150 page book can easily be tucked into your bag so  that you can take it with you to Sephora to  buy the needed  products. I ws actually able to compare the photos of the recommended brushes in the book  and match them to the brushes at  the beauty show. And this time I actually came  away with exactly what I needed.

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