It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week I am  delighted that  Erika of Notes From My Dressing Table is hosting Fashion Flash. To me  she is a kindred spirit trying out new beauty tools and posting the results.  his week she posted  a new hair color that is a greyish ashy  blonde that is totally flattering to her skin and eyes.  I love to see what she  is trying out and you will too.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: Great Hair by Nick Arrojo

You probably  know Nick Arrojo  from What Not To Wear where  he changes a woman’s life with sissors and a hairdryer.  He is always both supportive yet confident as he  works with every  sort of  hair challenge.  This same can-do attitude  is on every page of his book Great Hair.  The  photo packed book offers  with so much  advice I had to use post it notes to keep track of the great practical info.  Arrojo is focused on making  less than perfect hair look wonderful.

He divides hir style options  into recommendations for different hair stypes. Then  he goes into great detail in  the tools, products and techniques for each hair  type.  He is especially commited to making the most of curly, coarse  and/or thick hair.  For Arrojo,  there are distinct types of curly hair.  He explains the structure and needs of   African Amercan, Latino and Caucasian cury hair and he advice is  eye-opening.  I  love the way  he explains the  difference of the different products such as  defrizz serum, styling cream, curl creme and  spray shine.  To me they were all just more goo, but under Arrojo’s teaching,  I now  know  how and when to use each of  them.

Great Hair also provides  very necessary detail on different hair tools  like flat irons,  diffusers and curling irons.  His clear and complete  explanation on the value of ionic technology for beautiful hair is alone worth the price of the  book.  He explains how they work, what they offer and the hair types that will  benefit.  I have seen numerous pitches for ionic  products, and have been temped despite their higher prices.  Arrojo explains that they tightens the hair shaft and reduces frizz.  This makes them wonderful for curly coarse hair but  not for  straight and/or  thinning hair.  I can’t wait to try out an ionic dryer on my  beautifully  curly haired granddaughter Sophie.

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