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fashion flash logoThis week, Barbara of Best of Everything After 50 is hosting Fashion Flash.  SHe has fast become  the role  model for our generation.  She inspires me everyday with her energy, commitment and  joy.  She has  a positive view  of againg  that makes me feel proud of my past and  excited to see what happens next. This  month  she is training for the NYC Marathon and  has not  let the  hot steamy weather stop her– and she is still smiling.

Fashion FLash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review:  Asian Beauty by Margaret Kimura

When evaluating lifestyle books, I look  for two key factors– the credentials of the author and  a text that drills  down on a subject.  Asian Beauty  has both.  The author Margaret Kimura  is a well known Hollywood make-up artist  whose clients included Audrey Hepburn, Mel Gibson, Renee Russo, Andie McDowell, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks and Lisa Ling.  She  developed a shdow and light technique that works for all faces, but  is especially helpful for Asian features.  As she explained in her book, Caucasians have  double eyelids, while  Asian  eyes have a single lid.  To  add  luminous depth, she applies a highlighter  over the entire lid then, adds a darker shadow  in the crease. This is the type of simple  yet highly effective advice that  makes  book worth buying and keeping.  Another tip  deals with masks.  Since  true oily skin is rare in Asian skin, Kimura suggests using  algae masks and avoiding those  made with clay.  I especially appreciated the detail she offers, explaining the differences  in Japanese, Korean,  Chinese skin and features– and how to  optimize  each one.

I am a big  fan  of small details and Asian Beauty  delivers  some of the best I’ve seen.  For example, she notes that Asian eyes have smaller lids and to look for  smaller brushs to apply shadow. Kimura   also points out that Asian lashes are hard to curl with the tradition  device.  Instead she recommends a heated curler that helps the lashes develop  that flattering  curl.  The book  has earned a place on my way too crowded bookslelves.


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