It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Inka of Gamour Granny Travels is hosting Fashion Flash! I just love this honest and always fascinting site.  So  many travel posts are  written by professional travel writers  who are enjoying a free trip and promoting a hotel, cruise line  or travel agency.  Inka  lives and travels with the passion of an adventurer with the taste and style of a countess.

Honesty  in travel advice has become a personal passion. When I was  young a two star hotel  meant a simple, clean, and  well situated  hotel. Now even a three star hotel  can have all the comfort and charm of a crack house.  A few years go I booked a  room  in a bed and breakfast that was desribed on a popular travel site  as the #1 bed  and breakfast  in Sarlat, France.   It was actually in the basement of a decrepit house on a dead end street. ( I shudder to think what the #2 bed and breakfast offered)   We left immediately and found a beautiful, full service  hotel that had never even been mentioned in the travel sites list of accomodations in the  area.

I have also wasted precious days on a trip visiting a restaurant,  recommended historical site or beautiful view.  Too many times  we drove for hours to find a small, uninspiring attraction that was definately not worth the time or effort. But  with Glamour Granny Travels  you will never be disappointed with her advice and directions. I adore  her history and commentary on a wide range  travel advice from the orgins of Halloween to the mysteries of Turkish silver.  To me every minute of everyday is precious when traveling.  A bad restaurant back home is just a bad  meal. If   I am steered to a tourist trap on a trip , its a lost opportuity to experience something  special.  With Inka as my guide, I don’t miss out.   If you like to travel, you will love Inka.

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