It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week I am so  happy to host  Fashion Flash on the first fall Monday.  Our bloggers   are equally  inspired sharing  their favorite posts.  Covering  health,  reinvention, beauty, fitness and fashion we look at  our lives through our 50 + eyes  to choose the paths that are right  for us,  not our daughters.


-Barbara,  author of  Best of Everything  After 50  and Huffington Post Contributor has discovered the path to true happiness. Here are 6 simple steps to be happy…starting now.

-Mary Lou  of Second Lives Club profiles a woman who  just  wanted to find an interesting piece of statuary for her garden. Now she runs a successful business recycling, repairing, renting or selling these  statures. Who knew a second life could stem from your garden.

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It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week my  favorite  fitness guru, Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai is hosting Fashion Flash.  Shas more than  half a dozen credentials  from highly rated institutions to  back up her recommendations and exercise programs.  This is especially important  after age  50 when joints and bones can be more easily damged from ill-planned moves.  I have  seen how her chair exercises can get  people back on their feet ater a serious illness or accident. Mirabai knows  how to safey and effectively build flexibility and strength.  I have to admit I never really  like to exercise, but I love the way Mirabai’s exercise videos make  me feel.

Introducing Our Newest  Fashion Flash Blogger

I am so delighted to add a new site to our amazing group.  Allison Cohen is the founder … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoMarcia of Beauty Info Zone is hosting Fashion Flash on this almost fall day.  Not only does  she offer valuable  insight into  the new and best in  beauty  she offers some of the best give aways  on the web. But wait there’s more.  Each Sunday  Beauty Info Zone  does a roundup of  the best  available giveaways.  Subscribe to her wonderful site   so that you won’t  miss single oportunity to win.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review:  Get Positively Beautiful by Carmindy

Recently I reviewed a wonderful book by Nick Arrojo, the hairstylists on What Not To Wear. This hugely popular show  took average  women  and helped them find … Continue Reading…

Brows Gone Wild

There is certainly a whole  lot of growing going on. It’s been almost four months since I started to Rogaine reatment and brow hairs have certainly  sprouted where nothing  has grown for years. I was expecially happy to see the new growth was mostly dark and thick rather than pale and wispy.  More hair seems to have gowth below the actual brows in the area I usually waxed.  But the arch of the brow has also visibly  filled in.

On the downside the hair seems a  bit more wirey than my  pre-Rogaine brows. In the past I would tweeze  away these  unruly hairs to clean up the brow line.  The  eyebrow expert at Benefit  showed me how to trim curly brow hairs to keep the volume, but smooth the line.  Using a magnifying glass and an eyebrow brush, I now comb the brow hairs  up and  trim off the longer … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday

fashion flash logoThis  week the incredible Cindy  from Prime Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash. She is an amazing  make-up guru and I rarely  make a purchase  without checking her recommendations.  The few times that I have been swept away  by an ad or  display that  has not been evaluated by Prime Beauty  the result   has been a waste of time and money.  She swatches literally every  make up she recommends so I know the true shade, texture and fragrance before  I buy it.  I love shopping online, but I often can’t tell  the true color of a foundation, lipstick of eye shadow.  But Cinndy has  done the heavy lifting and I can use her evaluations to order a new product online– and love the results.  Yes, she is … Continue Reading…

Is Life Better with Botox?

I have to confess– I really like Botox.  While I get great satisfaction making my own green tea toner  or a homemade  vitamin C mask, nothing gives me  a bigger, almost instant, boost than Botox.  Buts its pricey  and when I write about  the benefits, I get emails complaining about the cost.  I have also been asked about discounted Botox treatment  purchased from Groupon, but I have been concerned about the quality of the provider  and the Botox itself. Over diluted “tox”  will produce limited or short lived results.

In June, a friend   purchased a Groupon  coupon for Botox for $159– less than the cost of a fancy, department store night cream.( Most   Botox treatments   run between $500-700/ injection).   Natasha looked  wonderful and told  me the doctor  worked with Dr Neil Sadick, one of New York’s top dermatologists. I decided to try out a … Continue Reading…