Is Life Better with Botox?

Before Botox

Profile of my eyes before Botox treatment.

I have to confess– I really like Botox.  While I get great satisfaction making my own green tea toner  or a homemade  vitamin C mask, nothing gives me  a bigger, almost instant, boost than Botox.  Buts its pricey  and when I write about  the benefits, I get emails complaining about the cost.  I have also been asked about discounted Botox treatment  purchased from Groupon, but I have been concerned about the quality of the provider  and the Botox itself. Over diluted “tox”  will produce limited or short lived results.

In June, a friend   purchased a Groupon  coupon for Botox for $159– less than the cost of a fancy, department store night cream.( Most   Botox treatments   run between $500-700/ injection).   Natasha looked  wonderful and told  me the doctor  worked with Dr Neil Sadick, one of New York’s top dermatologists. I decided to try out a Groupon myself.

After Botox

Botox erased my crow’s feet and lifted my brows.

It  took  me five weeks to  make an appointment with the Natasha’s  very popular doctor, Lawrence Miller, MD.   Sitting in the examining room we discussed  which areas I felt needed attention. I wanted to lift the brows a bit, and relax the lines at the corner of my eyes.   That turned  about the limit 25 units could handle.  Dr Miller gave me an ice pack to numb the areas to be injected.  The shots were barely a  pin prick and I really enjoyed that wonderful sense of well being and relaxation that comes with a  Botox injection .  Within 24 hours I could see my eyes  looked more awake and the crows feet  at the corner of my eyes  had vanished.

So what  did I learn?

  1.   My  Groupon experiment reinforced my belief that one of the best  ways to  insure a  great outcome is a referral  from trusted friends and family.  You can actually see the results and get first  hand reviews from people you know and trust.
  2. Look for online deals from well known established  doctors.  For example Dr Sadick is a Park Avenue dermatologist who is  popular with both celebrities and New Yorkers who just want to look good.
  3.  Now I know what 25 Botox  units will cover.  If I want to deal with the frown lines between my eyes, lift my ends of my smile a bit and relax the vertical lines on my neck, I will need another 25 units.

Have you  purchased an online coupon  like Groupon for  skin or hair care?  Do you  have    tips or recommendations?

One thought on “Is Life Better with Botox?

  1. At the moment I’m still too young (although some girls my age already get botox, so to each their own of course) but if I ever feel self-conscious about wrinkles (and if I have the money) I think I’d definitely consider botox.

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