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fashion flash logoThis  week the incredible Cindy  from Prime Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash. She is an amazing  make-up guru and I rarely  make a purchase  without checking her recommendations.  The few times that I have been swept away  by an ad or  display that  has not been evaluated by Prime Beauty  the result   has been a waste of time and money.  She swatches literally every  make up she recommends so I know the true shade, texture and fragrance before  I buy it.  I love shopping online, but I often can’t tell  the true color of a foundation, lipstick of eye shadow.  But Cinndy has  done the heavy lifting and I can use her evaluations to order a new product online– and love the results.  Yes, she is that good.  Subscribe to her site so that you don’t miss a single post.

Fashion Flash Jewelry ReviewFashion Flash Review:  Peace and  Love  Legacy Jewelry

I have loved hearts since I was 10 years old.   I treasured  heart shaped lockets, charms, earrings and even socks with a heart print. Simply put, if  it has a heart on it, I want to take it home.  When I discovered  Peace and Love  jewelry it was like the mother ship calling me  home.  Designer Nancy Davis clearly loves hearts as much as I do.  But more than  merely beautiful and affordable, this is jewelry with  an  compelling backstory.

Nancy Davis  was  just 32 and the mother of three boys when  she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis ( MS). The doctors  said there was nothing they could do and suggested  she go home  and rest.   She did nothing of the kind.  Nancy Davis  went to more specialists to find out  what new research  or  treatments might  be available.  She discovered that  many of the scientists at different institutions  were working on similar therapies. To  increase  cooperation between researchers she created the Center Without  Walls program.   And to fund these studies she began intensive  fundraising.  Over the past 20 years she has  raised 30 million dollars and  helped develop 14 new MS treatments.  If you, your friends or family have  MS chances are your lives have been changed by new medications championed  by Nancy Davis.

Peace and Love Jewelry  uses  real gem stones  like aquamarine, topaz and white tourmaline and is set in silver.  To me the feminine  yet strong designs embody the spirit of overcoming obstcles with grace and  beauty. Not surprisingly  a portion of the sales  goes to support the Race to Erase MS campaign.  You can find  a wonderful selection of  Peace and Love designs at her website.   And on September 8th, tune into Evine TV,   11am EST to see Nancy talk about her new special  Peace and Love Legacy collection  for Evine. But  it gets  even better– special  pricing will be offered for this event.  Check  your local listings for channel number  and time in your area.

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