Brows Gone Wild

Brows/4 month Rogaine

Brows after four months of Rogaine

There is certainly a whole  lot of growing going on. It’s been almost four months since I started to Rogaine reatment and brow hairs have certainly  sprouted where nothing  has grown for years. I was expecially happy to see the new growth was mostly dark and thick rather than pale and wispy.  More hair seems to have gowth below the actual brows in the area I usually waxed.  But the arch of the brow has also visibly  filled in.

Brows After two months

Brows after two months of Rogaine treatment

On the downside the hair seems a  bit more wirey than my  pre-Rogaine brows. In the past I would tweeze  away these  unruly hairs to clean up the brow line.  The  eyebrow expert at Benefit  showed me how to trim curly brow hairs to keep the volume, but smooth the line.  Using a magnifying glass and an eyebrow brush, I now comb the brow hairs  up and  trim off the longer ones with a tiny sharp sissor..  This neatens things up without  losing any hairs.  After age 50, plucking even one extra hair  can lead to a gap that will won’t fill in for years. Seriously.

Trimming rather than plucking brows  also allows  me to use powders  and wax to enhance what I  have. There are  numerous  combinations of wax and powders but none look natural on  coarse curly brow hairs. I am actually trying out four different brands that I  found at Cosmoprof and will be posting results in a few weeks.

Waiting Out New Brow Growth

With   my brows  filling out, the hair  seemed to be growing everywhere– and I am itching to get them shaped. During the summer I had some  big persoal and professional events and I felt frowzy with brows gone wild.   But I wanted to   demonstrate  the maximum  growth  Rogaine could actually  produce.  At least I could  hide the straggles under thick bangs.  I realize that waiting it out would be more difficult without a fringe to cover the work in process.  I am also  very very curious about the short pale hairs that I am told are hidden in my brows.  I am torn between grooming and dying them right  now– and waiting another few months.  Any advice? Words of encourageent?

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