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fashion flash logoMarcia of Beauty Info Zone is hosting Fashion Flash on this almost fall day.  Not only does  she offer valuable  insight into  the new and best in  beauty  she offers some of the best give aways  on the web. But wait there’s more.  Each Sunday  Beauty Info Zone  does a roundup of  the best  available giveaways.  Subscribe to her wonderful site   so that you won’t  miss single oportunity to win.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review:  Get Positively Beautiful by Carmindy

Recently I reviewed a wonderful book by Nick Arrojo, the hairstylists on What Not To Wear. This hugely popular show  took average  women  and helped them find their own  best possible  style.  This week, I am  reviewing a book by  Carmindy, the show’s make-up artist.  She  has the same  empowering idea  to  bring out  indicidual beauty.  I just LOVED the fact that she did not  use make-up to “correct” imperfection. By contrast she never describes  features  as problems, but looks to enhannce  them. For example, she describes  hooded eyes  enchantingly exotic and suggests increasing their mysterious appeal with a blend of highlighting and  medium tone shadows.  If you have thin  lips, Carmindy  suggests  making the  must of  your “sweet smile”  by using  shades with a pearly shimmer. If you want to play with darker reds,  go for sheer glosses or tinted balms for a splash of color.

Get Positively Beautiful is packed with  what Carmindy calls Mirror Mantras– eg  ”  You were beautiful at twenty, incredible at thirty and forty is  just amazing” .  She repeatedly returns to her theme that we are all beautiful and  that make-up should be used to enhance, not  hide.  The book is packed  with useful color swatches,  instructional drawings and gorgeous before and after photos.  But I  actually had trouble reading this wonderful book.  Its unfortunate that the book designer choose a very thin typeface that  was printed in a medium grey ink.  I had to sit under a bright light to be able to sit and read  it for any length of time.  But the quality of the information is worth the  extra effort.

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