It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week my  favorite  fitness guru, Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai is hosting Fashion Flash.  Shas more than  half a dozen credentials  from highly rated institutions to  back up her recommendations and exercise programs.  This is especially important  after age  50 when joints and bones can be more easily damged from ill-planned moves.  I have  seen how her chair exercises can get  people back on their feet ater a serious illness or accident. Mirabai knows  how to safey and effectively build flexibility and strength.  I have to admit I never really  like to exercise, but I love the way Mirabai’s exercise videos make  me feel.

Introducing Our Newest  Fashion Flash Blogger

I am so delighted to add a new site to our amazing group.  Allison Cohen is the founder of Never Say Die Beauty has a keen mind and enthusiasm for all things beauty. Her beautifully designed site features reviews,  temping giveaways and her carefully curated  best picks to buy online.  You will want to subscribe to site   to make  certain you do not want to miss a single post.

No-Nonsense GiveawayDon’t Miss  The First No-Nonsense Giveaway

There  are just a few days  left to enter my first  No-Nonsense Giveaway.  I am so proud to be able   to offer my readers a chance to win this 5 caret sunset quartz heart  shaped ring. Surrounded by white tourmalines and set in silver, it is  the signature style of Peace and Love legacy line from designer and MS activist Nancy Davis. It is the kind of piece that  takes any  outfit up to another level.  I tried it on wearing  a plain black sweater and skirt– and I was suddenly chic. The deep orange color, so rare in gemstones, is  just about  the perfect fall accessory.   Originally offered on Evine, it is now sold out. Until its back in stock  the No-Nonsense Beauty Giveaway is  your only chance to add this this ring to your jewelry collection.#giveaway#Peaceandlovejewelrygiveaway#Evinejewelry#NancyDavis


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