It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week I am so  happy to host  Fashion Flash on the first fall Monday.  Our bloggers   are equally  inspired sharing  their favorite posts.  Covering  health,  reinvention, beauty, fitness and fashion we look at  our lives through our 50 + eyes  to choose the paths that are right  for us,  not our daughters.


-Barbara,  author of  Best of Everything  After 50  and Huffington Post Contributor has discovered the path to true happiness. Here are 6 simple steps to be happy…starting now.

-Mary Lou  of Second Lives Club profiles a woman who  just  wanted to find an interesting piece of statuary for her garden. Now she runs a successful business recycling, repairing, renting or selling these  statures. Who knew a second life could stem from your garden.

-Inka of Glamour Granny Travels shares a secret: take a fall break in Switzerland and enjoy a spa with a view.

-The Beauty Info Zone team loves finding beauty that’s also healthy and we think that’s come true  with Dr Remedy’s Enriched Nail Polish. Not only are these tunning but they contain ingredients  that are good for your toes and tips.

-Cindy from Prime Beauty thinks the Butter London Beauty Clutch lives up to its name of Glitz and Glamour.  See what you think!

-Melanie of Society Wellness  shares a recipe for a strawberry milkshake that has the taste and consistancy of that you crave.  This recipe has real, organic and clean ingredients ans the only dairy content is the whey protein.

-Jackie of Aging Backwards has the surprising answer  to  gorgeous white teeth.

-Erika of Notes From My Dressing Table shares her favorite  matte liquid lipstick that provides the look she craves without murdering her sensitive, special snowflake lips.

-Mirabai, certified health coach and founder of Moving Free  shows how exercise  can prevent ot manage  cancer.

-Allison of Never Say Die Beauty has  a great  new answer to nails that chip on Day2 of your at-home mani.


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