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fashion flash logoThis week Marylou of Second Lives Club is hosting  Fashion Flash.  Before  age fifty  there  seems to an established  playbook, a life map with clearly defined markers. From learning to read  in first grade to learning to drive at 18, there are expected  mileposts to  follow.  From the first day of high chool to the first dance at your wedding  we know what is expected of us.  to follow.  Then after raising a family,  the  trail seems to come to a dead end. Enter Second Lives  CLub to provide a map for the second fifty years.  With interviews of  dynamic women  who created  a fulfilling second  life, this  wonderful site  provides both inspiration and guidence.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review:Get Gorgeous by Christel Vatasso

When a book called Get Gorgeous promises to  make  me more  beautiful and confident in 21 days, I had to take it home for a serious read.  I was not disappointed.  Written by the head of the Paris  office of the Ford Modeling Agency, it shares the three week  plan  they use to get  new models into professionals.  What makes this book so special is the real knowlwdge and skills of the author.  She is the type of professional that  is beghind the iconic style we see on runways and magazines.  Her rea time advice  is so much better than  those glossy celebrity beauty and fashion books.  Remember these are the people  that  make the celeb look good.

Another charming feature is that the book was originally published in France and has genuine  tips to capture the  legendary “french style”.  It is  full of refreshingly new advice. One of my favs is  the authors take on the  basics of a wardrobe.  Rather than  a set list of items ( eg, white shirt, black skirt, tan trenchcoat) , she believes that  different women have different basics.  To help you find your own basics she offers  five key questions including  what  do you buy again and again,  what  gets you compliments and what do you feel  comfortable in. This showed me  that a bone cotten  sweater is  my   basic white shirt.

Her make-up tips were equally french and flattering.  Europeans often note that  American women wear too much make-up. Get Gorgeous shares the subtle but  effective  make-up styles that can make a french woman stand  out at any age.  This book is a keeper and so good I am buying  another copy  to give away  an upcoming contest.  It’s that good.

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