It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week the amazing Barbara Hannah Gufferman is hosting Fashion Flash.  A modern day  Renaissnce woman she is AARP contributor, blogger for Huffington Post, Bone Health Ambassador for National Osteporosis Foundatio, Spokesperson, Always Discreet and Red Heart Yarns, author of The Best of Everything After 50 and currently training for the New York CIty marathon in November. She has a passionate belief that life is worth living– at any age.  Her site Best of Everything Over 50 is packed with fashion advice, healthy recipes and  truely addictive  exercise  videos.   I start  my day  reading what she is up to and I think you should too.

Fashion FLash Book ReviewFashio Flash Book Review: How to Wear Jewelry

One of my favorite fashion books is a small, but info packed guide to wearing scarves.  When I saw  s similar book on how to wear jewelry, I had to take  it home  for a quick read.  It is so original and  helpful, its now one of my top  fashion guides. Like  may of my sistahs,  I  seem to collect  boxes of  jewelry but wear only a few pieces. This  book starts off explaining that our core  jewelry choices echos  our basic fashion style — eg classic, vitntage, modern  or boho.  It provides  examples of each style  and it was no shocker that  my affection for pearls, simple gold bracelets and diamond studs reflect my basic classic  style. But what makes this  book such a keep is the roadmap to expand   basic fashion choices.  My favorite section illustrates  how wear those  random brooches that  we buy at thrift shops, inherit or receive as gifts. Using the shoulders of coats, jackets and sweaters,  this mightly little book shows  how to group  pins by topic and size.  For example  it recommends using one or two larger  pins surrounded by  2-3 smaller pins , all on the same theme.  I meediately saw  how to use my random collection of hear shaped pins.  It was so satisfying to wear little bits and items that  had caught  my eye but  had never been actually worn.

How to Wear Jewelry breaks down  jewelry into simple categories– necklaces,  pins, brooches, and bracelets.  Then it  offers suggestions by season and combination  strategies.  If you like a bit of bling, you will LOVE this book. I  am such a fan, I am buying 2 more copies out of my own pocket and offering them in an upcoming giveaway.


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