It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week  Marcia of Beauty Info Zone was scheduled to host Fashion Flash, but she broke her foot! I have jumped to fill her very  big shoes.    It’s Breast  Cancer Awareness Month and  most  bloggers have been touched  by a diagnosis of cancer.  Whether its  persoal or has affected   frineds or family,  October is  the right  time to schedule a mammogram and contibuute to  finding a cure:

-Barbara Hannah Grufferman, positive aging expert, author, speaker and YouTube Host encourages everyone to put on a pair of running shoes and get out there. Here’s why...

-Fashion Blogging isn’t only about looking good, it can also be a way to raise awareness.  Fifty is not Old combines the two  featuring Bras for a Cause.

– It’s that time of the year-pumpkin everything!  Society Wellness shares  an adaptable pumpkin muffins recipe that turns out to be delicious every time.

-Inka of Glamour Granny Travels shares  the amazing history of the Trans Siberian Railway on the 100th anniversary of this legendary train.

-If  you are looking forward to trying something new in make-up, Allison of Never Say Die Beauty shares her new fall favorites.

– Erika of Notes  From My Dressing Table wants to help you  prepare your skin  for  colder windy weather that  is  just a few weeks away.

-Cindy of Prime Beauty is loving the  new jewel tones of fall make-up.

– Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai explains  why cancer exercise programs are a vital part of presenting and surviving cancer.

-And  at No-Nonsense Beauty Blog we  believe that Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the perfect time to alert you to the dangers of using  hormone  based creams as an anti-aging  tool.

New Fashion Blogger at Fashion FLash

I am so  thrilled to introduce our newest  Fashion Flash Member– Tania Stephens of Fifty is Not Old.  Her take her fashion after 50 offers great style for the way we live now. Not only   have  our bodies  have changed since 29,  our lifestyles  h ave as well.  But  for some reason, marketers have been slow to recognize  that  our changing lifestyles  require different  closets.  We  want  chic flattering clothing  to fit our new lives, and Tania Stephens  has a great eye for color and  fit for this  new time..  Go to the site just once  and I know  you will become a longtime  fan.

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