It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week the always  fascinating and funny Erika of Notes From My  Dressing Table  is hosting Fashion Flash.  She shakes  me out of my comfort zone with blue hair and deep red lips.  I love the way  she stretches the way I choose and use  make-up– and I  know you will too.

Fashion FLash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review:  Awakening Beauty– the Dr Hauschka Way

I had seen shelves of Dr Hauschka products  for years  but it  just  looked too complicated to me.  When I saw a copy of  Awakening Beauty at Strands I decided to  try to explore  this long time popular  philosopy.  I am so glad I did. This  beautifully designed  book is packed with information presented in a clear and readble style.  It drills down to explore the links between emotional stability, natural health and authentic beauty.  For example the Hauschka philosophy devides  people into four distinct temperments– and then offers  the best types of baths, exercise, and nutrition to  stay balanced.  I was very impressed that they advice s choose for my personality profile were choices that I had found effective.  For example  the book recommends, lavender baths, soft  music, a gentle walk  and  avoidance of spicy foods, all  choices I make when I am stressed.

When I bought the book I was  a bit concerned that the beauty advice  would  just be a long advertisement  for the Hauschaka products.  While they are mentioned occasionally, I was thrilled to find  many  more home  made remedies using natural ingredients.  For example  I love the Hauschaka DIY cleaning cream  made from almond butter, ground oats and purified water.  It left  my skin  clean yet baby soft. The books offer equally  wonderful recipes for natural toners and masks.

I  may have just   left the best  part for last.  Dr Hauschaka has a mouth watering diet  plan that is packed  with antioxidants.   The menus are backed with recipes that are easy, affordable  and delicious.  I  esecially loved the  soups  including lentil spinach, and potato leek with miso. The book even offers  recipes with meat and poultry including  a chicken and rice with olives that is now  part of my monthly rotation.  This is a must keep  book  that integrates a wide range of lifestyle issues for better emotional and physical health.


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  1. I have a love-hate relationship with Dr. Hauschka products. LOVE their philosophy and many of the ingredients they use are GREAT! But many of their formulas also contain alcohol which is a no no for me.

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