It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoI am so  delighted that Cindy of Prime Beauty  is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is also  leading off this week posting  the first installment  of our Holiday Gift Guide with EvineLive!, the home shopping  network.  I have been told that  this is the first time a blogger group has partnered with a home shopping network and  I am so incredibly proud that it is Fashion Flash.

We have been working  for weeks  selecting incredible must haves to feature on our sites.This  week Cindy’s  picks include a truely elegant fitness monitor and a eyeliner  kit to  makes any beauy junkies heart beat faster.  And  if you are not  a beauty junkie, this  kit  from Cailyn might  just turn  you into one.  Yes,  its that good.   In the next four weeks other great gifts   include a large  leather  bag in the color of the year Bordeaux and the absolutely perfect hostess gift, a beautiful yet totally affordable pitcher from Waterford..  But my favorite gift   is an Invicta watch with 7, yes 7 wristbands.

A bit of back story.  Growing up I went to a school in a wealthy neighborhood. In fifth grade, the ultimate must  have was a watch with  multiple bands.  All the “it”  girls  had  a set and would coordinate  wearing the same  band on Fridays.  My  Mom was a painter and my dad a writer.  It  was a home rich in love and art but  pretty low on cash.  As much as they adored  me, there just was not money for the cool  crowd  watch.  Browsing through the Evine site  to pick items for our guide, I literally froze  when I found that ultimate watch set. There after all these years was the watch of  my dreams at a truely affordable price.  I knew it had to be on the first Fashion Flash holiday gift list.  But wait, it gets even better.  Evine has included this watch set as one of our giveaway prizes!

Get the Fashion Flash Coupon Code

And there is  more  good shopping news–  Evine has also created a coupon code just  for Fashion FLash.  FashionFlash15   covers not only the items on our list, but almost everything  on the entire Evine website. It starts 7am  November 11 and ends at 11:59 on  December 31. This week make certain you visit  Prime Beauty to read about Cindy’s gift picks  and enter her giveway.

One final thought: Writing about finding the watch set that haunted my childhood style dreams, I am curious if  others  yearned for something– and  may  have even found it again as an adult.   If  you have this type of  white whale in your life ,  I would love to hear about it.

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