Holidays at Fashion Flash!

fashion flash logoThis week Marcia of Beauty Info Zone is hosting  Fashion Flash. A former  teacher, Marcia approaches  beauty and skin care with a critical eye.  She explores  every product with a passion for  value and style.  In the coming weeks  Marcia will be using these special skills to pick three fabulous items from Evine  for the holiday season.  All  of her choices are perfect  gifts for the different people in our lives– as well as “you definately  deserve it” gifts for  ourselves”. And be certain to enter her Evine giveaway!

Fashion Fash Evine Holiday LogoFashion Flash Holiday Guide with Evine, Part  Two

Later this week Allison of Never Say Die Beauty  will be featuring her three favorite picks for her Holiday Guide with Evine.  She will be  highlighting a stunning deep red leather tote that   will be her new go-to bag and a Waterford pitcher that is the perfect gift  for a friend that   just remarried at 54. She already  has  all the  home basics, and Alison wanted  to  give her something home based but special.  And  really, what is  more special than a gift from Waterford. She will also share a fabulous pair of faux fur lined  red suade gloves that will rescue any all black winter outfit. But wait it ges even better.  These gloves will be her Evine giveaway!

The Fashion Fash Guide to Choosing the Right Gift

At Fashion Flash we took a close  look on the dynamics of gift  giving. How do you pick the  gift that sends the right message? I actually don’t agree “its the thought that counts”. A gift that does not reflect my style or interests  does  not make  me feel valued and  special.  For example, one of my grandmothers  always sent me a plate of dried fruit.  Now I don’t know about you, but a plate of sticky dried fruit  is  just  not what a seven year old  wants to find on Christmas morning. To be fair, traditional  holiday shopping  might as well have been an Olympic sport.  Trying to deal with holiday traffic, huge crowds and super sales  put you in anything  but a happy holiday mood.  Now with online  one stop shopping at  sites like Evine, picking the right  gift at the right price is simple, quick  and satisfying.  In a few hours,  I can find  the perfect, individual gifts  for all the  people on my list.  Now the only question is  how long does it really  take to cook a 16 pound turkey?



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