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fashion flash logoThis week one of our newest bloggers Allison of Never Say Die Beauty, is hosting Fashion Flash for the first time. Like  me  she is a New Yorker, but now lives in the Boston area. Allison is  smart with a great sense of humor and Never Say Die Beauty is a must read  for me.  Last week  she posted the second of our Evine holiday gift guide series. She  has been flooded with entries for her giveaway of cozy red suede gloves, but there is still time  for you to take a chance of winning these iconic  holiday gloves.

Fashion Fash Evine Holiday LogoFashion Flash Holiday Guide, Part 3

This week  Marcia of Beauty Info Zone will be hosting the third  part of our  holiday guide with Evine, the home shopping show.  What makes this  post special is that she  has an awesome gift  for  the  man in your  life.  Perhaps  its  just me, but I really struggle to find  gifts for men.  After  you have been married for  more than a few years, holiday gifts  have to be more than a tie, sweater or smat phone accessory. Marica  has picked out the perfect gift at   great  price for any male on your list.  Seriously.

A New Direction for a Fashion Flash Blogger

Jackie Silver  has  covered health and beauty  for Fashion Flash from its beginning in 2010.  For more than 20 years she had been a single  mom– and then she  met Mr Right.  After just few dates, they were inseparable and last year she married again at 56.  Jackie  quickly  realized that  a new bride at midlife offers  a whole new set of possibilities and challenges.  From finding the right over 50 wedding dress to  setting up a  new home or meeting her  husbands’  childhood friends, she had to navigate a whole new world– and there were few resources out there to guide her.  She decided to create  a new blog to deal with the social, emotional and practical issues of  a midlife remarriage.  Its not only a treasure trove of valuable advice, Jackie Silver Style will also  be a place to share information and ask for advice. Starting a new midlife  marriage is exciting but its uncharted territory– and Jackie is creating  a much needed map.


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