It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash! IMHO  she  has just about the best take on choosing the best makeup for any skin at any age.  She swatches every lipstick, foundation and eye iner and shadow to demonstrate the true  texture and color.  Her indepth analysis of every recommendation has  made it possible for me to confidently  buy cosmetics onlne– and be delighted with what I received.  Make certain that you subscribe to her  lovely sie so that you  don’t miss any of her posts.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: Talk About Fashion by Catherie Schvvaab

This book  covers so much territory that  it could have been a hot mess.  But in the sure, smart hands of the fashion editor of Paris Match, it offers backstage fashion industry insights as well as original and useful fashion tips.   For example,  many fashion  guides  break down styles  into specific types eg classic, romantic, rocker chic and sporty.  These are desctibed in random outfits.  By contrast Talk About Fashion shows  how each fashion type  works in  a wide range of situations including, work, casual, and after five.  To see how different styles are expressed in real  life  activities, it allows people to espress themselves throughout their life. Genuinely helpful.

My favorite section is an indepth look at vintage clothing.  I love everything vintage, but I seem to freeze at  vntage clothing  fairs and feal markets.  I just  know  what to buy and what is really wearable. Talk About Fashion has IMO simply the best guide to vintage fashion– and there are sections  for both men and women.  The book offers an illustraed guide to the  vintage basics that wil always work.  This short list includes pea coats, high quality sweater sets, pin striped rousers and  anything in leopard.  She breaks down the  different  styles of vintage dresses by  era and  shows  how to wear them today.

She even has an equally  useful list of classics for men including trench coats, striped shirts, Aaran sweater and tartan scarf.( Actually  I think I could borrow these too).

If you have graduated from basic fashion and want to crank  up  your style, Talk About Fashion is a book that  you will enjoy and use.


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