It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week the  Erika of Notes From My Dressing Table is hosting Fashion Flash!   Smart and sassy, Erika has a keen eye  for make-up and takes  her own  amazing photographs. Her giveaway on our  Evine Holiday Gift Guide campaign   grabbed more than 2000 entries!

Fashion Flash Book Review: The Fashion Design Workbook by Annabel Benilan

Like most women over 50, shopping can feel like a blood sport. Its so hard to find affordable clothing that fits both our bodies and lifestyles.  Some of  my friends  have dreamed about  started to design their ownn clothing lines.  They are struggling for  ways to translate what they want into what they can wear.  When I found  this workbook in a bookstore in London,s  Portobello market,  it seemd like the perfect  holiday gift for aspiring  designers of any age.

The Fashion Design Workbook offers a step by step approach to  turning ideas into design.  It  offers  body outlines to allow a would be designer to draw up a concept when they can’t draw a figure.  Then it breaks down style into 14 different characteristics eg rock chick, vintage, goth and glamour.  It illustrates  the key characteristics of each style, fabric and accessories.  For example  in my favorite style, called Chic,  this workbook offers  an iconic black dress, Hermes style scarf  and a toggle coat.  It also shows how to draw argyle patterns and pearls. It even shows  how to add texture to an illustration.  I really loved the vintage section  which  showed how to use retro fabrics for  coat linings. Great detail!

Fashion Flash Workbook also provides tools to explain to a tailer what you are looking for.  I needed a long full skirt but could not even find a picture to show my local seamstress what I wanted.  With Fashion Design Workbook. i was able to render a good enough drawing so that she understood the  skirt that was living  in my head.

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