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fashion flash logoThis week my midlife  role model, Barbara of Best of Everything After  50, is  hosting Fashion Flash. Author, wife,  mom, marathon runner, spokesperson  for AARP, Youtube star and Huffington Post columnist,  Barbara Hannah Gufferman demonstrates how to  make  the second half of  life  the best  time of our lives.  She is a source of constant affirmation and growth.  If I am feeling  a bit at  lose ends, I  click on her site for some  much  need positivity.  Its always works. Get 2017 off to a great start and subscribe to  her always  valuable site.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: A Well Dressed Wife by Anne Fogarty

Anne Fogarty was an iconic fashion designer when I was a teenager. She invented  the tailored yet freminine  mass market style that became that young women  wanted in the 1950’s.  She was especially famous for her lightweight  tweed dresses, narrow waists   and full skirts.  It  was  actually not an easy  look to wear but I never felt as feminine  and confident as I did  in my  organge tweed longsleeve full skirted Anne Fogarty dress.  My  mom thought I looked like  pumpkin with  legs.

She died way too young in 1980 and  when I found a reissue of her book ”  A Well Dressed Wife in the Victoria and Albert Museum,  I was positively giddy.   Published originally  in 1959,  it had great style nueggets  along with really  dated ideas.  For example, Fogarty spent several pages explaining how to wear and care for  white gloves. Seriously.   She also belived that jeans were only to be worn square dancing, use  small bags for work  and never wear charm bracelets in the theatre.

But then there were timeless tips that  were almost  an excuse to fly to London to buy the  book.  I loved her  numberous tips for evening wear coats ) eg  red velvet swing coat), how to wear  fake  fur coats and bags,  and how to shop while on vacation.  And speaking of travel  she  has  a truely brilliant way of traveling with an evening gown or wedding dress.  Rather than to try to ram it into a suitcase, wrap in tissue and pack in a long cardboard box.  I actually tried this out  over the holidays and it worked brilliantly.

A Well Dressed Wife is a wonderful read.  Its a shame that such a visual book does  have a single drawing and photo.


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