It’s Fashion Flash Monday

fashion flash logoThis week, our  travel  guru Inka of Glamour Granny Travels is hosting Fashion Flash!  I love to travel, but as the years  have rolled by, my travel likes and dislikes have changed. However most current travel writers seem to  focus on drinking and thrill sports– not on my watch. By contrast, Glamour Granny  Travels  shares fascinating  historical nuggets  that bring ruins and relics  alive, the best  little restaurant in Rome and the coolest silver artisans  in Portugal. With  Glamour Granny Travels by your side, you will travel  like a pro– even if its your first trip overseas.

Fashion FLash Book Review: THe Luxe LifeFashion Flash Book Review:The Luxe Life by Fleur de Force

Most lifestyle books are pretty basic, providing  fundamentals  of fashion,  food and beauty.  And indeed the first  book of UK blogger Fleur de Force, The Glam Guide,  was  a primer on style.  Her second book is  like  a more advanced  course on fashion, beauty and food.  And its advice is generally fresh and new and a very welcome addiction  to my lifestyle library.  She starts with a well illustrated section on her five  favorite  make-up looks.  Since we are both blonde ( at least I am now)  her eye, cheek and lip combos totally work for me. Her five  homemade updoes  made me want to grow my hair  and her tips  for static hair and droopy curls are genuine tips of a girl  who likes to go out.   Her section on  walking and caring for high heels is worth the price of the book.  But wait there is more.  She has truely new tips on the right way to burn scented  candles ( yes there is a right and wrong way),  how to build great  shelves from odds and ends and closet tips that  reflect real life clothing.  The last third of the book is on entertaining and  its delightfully British– down to metric instructions.  I love the way she simplified a full british tea that includes  the scone recipe I have been searching for since I returned from the UK in November.  Now all I need is a source for clotted cream and I am ready  for a cold snowy  winter.


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