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fashion flash logoThis week Tania  of 50 Is Not Old is hosting Fashion FLash for the first  time.  She is an amazing fashion blogger and the newest member of the Fashion Flash family. She  has a great style  which I think is the essence of casual elegance. I love the way  she uses color  for any occasion.  Be certain to subscribe to  her site  so that you don’t miss a single  fashion packed post.


Fashion Flash Book Review: 100 Organic Skin Care RecipesFashion Flash Book Review:  100 Organic Skin Care Recipes by Jessica Ress

I am a big fan of DIY skin care treatments.  I  like to know exactly what I am putting on my skin. However when I am whipping up  a natural cleanser or mask,  I become aware that many of these fruits and vegetables  are grown with  pesticides and fertilizers.  These  are just about the last ingredients I want either on my face or in my body.  When I spotted   ‘100 Organic Skin Care Recipes” on the bottom shelf in a bookstore I was genuinely excited– and I was not disapointed.

The health and beauty potential  of every recipe jumps off every page.  From a rosewater and clay mask to a cucumber and coconut   sunburn remedy, the recipes are easy, affordable and feel wonderful on the skin.   I love the way the book  explains how to use  ingredients like green tea, aloe vera, baking soda and sea salt.  The steps of each recipe are clearly written  and  includes a list  of needed tools.  The glossary of ingredients at the end of the book explains their value to skin care, their impact on the skin and which problems they can solve.  For example I was  intrigued to learn that Hibiscus  flowers are packed with vitamin C which makes it a valuable addition to any  anti-aging product.  Cinnamon turns out to   a whole drugstore in a single stick.  It  is high in antioxidants, increases collagen production and reduces inflammation of acne.

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