It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week the amazing beauty blogger Cindy of PrimeBeauty is hosting Fashion Flash.  She has a passion for all things beauty that comes across in every post.  She tries out every item  from a fragrance to foot cream to provide  an  honest and useful review.  And she has never let me down!   I am not alone in my opinion– Prime Beauty  has  almost 150,000 Facebook followers who agree with me.

Fashion Flash Book Review: Makeup YouTutorialFashion Flash Book Review: You Tutorial– Make-Up

Just when  I thought  there were no original ideas left, I found  this book.  Its an innovative idea that offers a guide to the  best Youtube videos.  It even includes both QR codes and URL’s.   I love the way  the book is divided into distinct caegories  including skin care, contouring, lips and cheeks, eye make-up and tools of the trade. Within each category, this 6×6 book lets you find  the best video  for a wide range of issues. Most of the featured vloggers are Youtube  stars like Bethany Mota, Wayne Goss and Cassandra Bankson. They  have  dozens of  videos and this book helped me find the best of the best. .  I learned how to get fuller lips, , the  best way to apply red lipstick, how to sculpt killer  cheek bones and my personal favorite,  the absolutely best way to apply blush from UK beauty guru, Sally Hughes.  On a more practical level  I  took  notes on  PixiWoo guide to brushes– and now , finally I have the  right brushes for my needs.

I have to confess that my favorite section  offers step by step instructions on a wide range of celebrity looks  If you have ever seen a famous  face without make-up  you will understand the awesome  power of cosmetics. So this section helps  me replicate some of my favorite looks.   I have a round face and I just loved the way a guide to  Adele’s Grammy makeup looked on me.  Equally successful was Lea Michelle’s smoky eye and Angelina Jolie’s cat eyes.   Its  the perfect book  to play with when  a winter blizzard keeps  you indoors for  several days.



5 thoughts on “It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

  1. Who ever would have thought of publishing links in book form? But I can totally see how this would be a useful reference. There are so many YouTube beauty channels out there, it would be handy to have them broken down by quality, usefulness, and topic. Thanks for the rec!

    • And this is just the first of a series of similar books. Next week I will review best YouTube hair care and style videos. Genuinely helpful!

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