It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Marcia of Beauty Info Zone is  doing  double duty.  She is both  hosting Fashion Flash and launching  our Valentine’s Day giveaway.  This  hearts and flowers  holiday started off for  lovers, but  has evolved into a way to show a  little love to  the people  in our lives.  This week Fashion Flash bloggers  are giving away more than $800 worth of jewelry, fragrances and beauty tools to show our readers and susubscribers how  much we value  their time and loyalty.

For example, Cindy of Prime Beauty  will be giving away  not one but two pairs of Peace and Love  white tourmaline  and silver chandelier earrings from  Nancy Davis.  This remarkable  designer  started  a unique research foundation to fight  MS.  Over the past twenty years  she has raised more than 30 milion dollars that led to the introduction of six new drugs for multiple sclerosis. Allison of Never  Says Die Beauty  will  be parting with  a Lucious Lips kit to give you the perfect V-Day pout.

I will be giving away two incredible scented candles from  Bright Endeavors, an equally incredible organization that help  disadvantaged young  moms. Not only are profits put  back into Bright Endeavors, the  company itself  employs these  young  moms to provide  them both training and income. IMHO this is the just about the  best way to use my  money.  Buying these  candles for friends and coworkers not only says “I value you” to them, my money  then goes to hlep other women– a total  win-win.

We have received such a great response to products that gave back, that I am looking  for other brands that  have a similar sense of social responsibility.  If  you know other brands that give back, I would love to reach out to them for our Woman’s  Health Giveaway in the spring.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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