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Valentines Day gieawayValentine’s  Day is  one of my favorite holidays. It  such a fun way to  show people in my life  that they matter to  me.  for the past week , the bloggers at Fashion Flash  have been  posting a series of Valentine’s Day giveaways.  Today its my turn and  I am so delighted to be  giving away a set of of soy scented candles from Bright Endeavors ( value is $50).  This amazing organization helps  disadvantaged  young moms.  Not only does it provide support and services, the organization  offers paid training.  Bright Endeavors returns profits from the sale of of these beautiful  candles to support their outreach  to moms and their children.

To me,  supporting  Bright Endeavors on Valentine’s Day  is the  perfect blend of a beautiful gift for a beautiful purpose.   If you win you can keep one of the candles for yourself and  give the other away  to someone special in your life.  Perfect!

46 thoughts on “Enter Valentine’s Day Giveaway

  1. My favorite Valentine’s Day gift was the first Valentine’s day with my husband, he sent me roses at work and that was when I knew he was serious about us.

  2. This Saturday was the most perfect Valentine’s Day we have shared in our 17 years. We went on a Victoria’s Secret shopping spree (he said it was a gift for both of us, lol), on to Spencer’s for a bunch of belly button rings and Hot Topic for tees from our favorite bands. Afterwards, we had a delightful dinner at Red Lobster. We even had enough left overs for lunch yesterday and it was delicious.

    What he doesn’t know is that I have a tee he has been wanting on the way as well as a Fitbit that I got a fantastic deal on through his work and our insurance. I am hopeful they will make it in time for us to celebrate V-day again tomorrow after he gets home from work.

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  4. Hubs and I have had a lot of very nice Valentine Days together and 1 in particular that we both still laugh about.
    When we were first together we were pretty darn broke…like super duper penny pinching broke. My toilet seat was broke, you know how it starts to wiggle all over? Anyway. I really needed to get a new one but just couldn’t justify it plus I wanted one of those really cushy ones. Well, Valentine’s Day rolls around and in walks hubby with a really awkward package wrapped in newspaper! He smiles gives me a hug and gives me my gift! It was a cushioned toilet seat in pink with a note that said: “Even when your S**t stinks I still Love you!” It was so hysterical and as I said we still laugh about it.

  5. The first yr. I was married on Valentine’s Day I was given roses and tickets for the weekend that made me feel so beautiful and special and I had a memorable weekend that I will never forget… We went to Treasure Island and oh what a treasure it was, too!

  6. My favorite Valentine’s day gift this year was a card and handmade gift from my grandchildren that means more to me than a bought gift.

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