Fashion Flash Today!

fashion flash logoThis week one of our newest bloggers, Tania of Fifty is Not Old, is hosting Fashion Flash. I totally agree with Tania that Fifty is not old, but  too many designers and fashion editors tend to void my tribe. Tania is a pathfinder that shows how to  add style, color and southern  charm to  any wardrobe.  Equally important is her recognition that  our clothing NEEDS  change  as  the years go by.  Most of us  work from the home and do not need   a closet  full of authoritative suits dresses  and pumps.  Nor do we  spend the day in a car ferrying  our kids from one event to another.  We need comfortable clothing that is still chic  and flattering.  Leggings and tunics with cute shoes are now our new “uniform” and Tania shows how to get there.  We also want stylish pieces to meet clients, nights  out with friends and family, and outings with truely adorable grandchildren.  Each week Fifty Is Not Old  offers  great advice  on everything from  coats and jackets to shoes and jewelry.   I am not that skilled at putting together  outfits and  can waste time and money in a mall.  Fifty is Not Old is  my new guide for getting fashion right at the right price.

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