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fashion flash logoThe  week  Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash.  IMHO  Cindy is simply  one of the best beauty  bloggers online. She cares passionately about every single item we put  on our face and body and I have learned to  trust my face ( and money) with her reviews and opinions. Prime Beauty is aimed at  women over 40, but her advice is valid for women of any age. Subscribe to her site not to miss  a single post.

Fashion Flash Book Review: Make-Up ManualFashion Flash Book Review:  Make-Up Manual by Color Me Beautiful

The Color Me Beautiful franchise began  more than 30 years ago. It divided women  into four seasons of skin and hair coloring and then recommended appropriate  makeup and clothing colors.  I loved the concept but  never  found the four categories really applied to me.  In this updated version,  the categories have expanded to six and suddenly it makes perfect  sense to  me. Not only does  one of the  coloring profiles apply to me, the design of the book offers comprehensive help in application of the best  products  for each  of the six types.

The book is divided into  three  main categories.  The first  section offers  basic  make-up application advice.  Its packed with little tips that have  a big impact.  For example,  I have always had trouble choosing a concealer that  helped hide my  dark  shadows without  looking  caked.  Turns out that as  I  got older and my  skin got thiner,  I needed a creamier concelear to cover avoid cracking.

The second  part of the book  offers extensive advice into  the right makeup for  different occasions.  The color swatches accurately reflect  available products and it was astonishing simple  to match  them at Sephora.  Not only does this updated Color Me Beautiful book  show what colors I needed, it also explained  what textures  I should use.  For example,  it turns out that  my “soft”  profile cannot  handle intense  make-up color.  Almost everything I needed to use was sheer rather than creamy.  This explained why so  many  lipsticks  that looked great in the tube and on my hand, did not work on my lips.   The book directed me to  sheer  lipsticks or glosses and every  reccommendation was a keeper.  The book recommended a taupe or grey, rather than black liner, dark brown mascara and a gold highlighter instead of traditional  bone or taupe.  And it all worked.

The third part of the book  has two immensely helpful sections– one on the changes ages makes on make-up choices and the second on the placement of illuminator, blush and shading  depending on the shape of the face.  While  this  has been covered  in other books and articles,  Make-Up Manual offers the clearest explanation I have seen to date.

Make-Up Manual  changed my relationship to cosmetics.  Not only  did I buy  new colors and textures,  I stopped buying products that  were just a waste of money.  In short I looked better, feel more confident and saved money.  When it comes to style, it does not get better than that.

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