It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Erika of Notes From My Dressing Table is hosting  Fashion Flash. Erika is one of our Rafflecopter  Rockstars in our series of incredible giveaway campaigns.  For our Valentine’s Day campaign, Erika gave away a pink crystal heart on silver chain studded with white tourmalines.  It was in the collection  of  Evine’s top  selling jewelry designer, Nancy Davis. This beautiful piece received almost 5,000 entries!  Subscribe to Notes From My Dressing Table to  be certain to enter her next fabulous   giveaway.

Introducing Two New Fashion Flash Bloggers

I am so excited to introduce the two new Fashion Flash bloggers:

Fashion Flash New MemberSheila of Painted Ladies  covers  all things beauty with style and charm.  A make-up artist, photographer and beauty writer she  shares  incredible tips and insight.  Recent posts include  how and why to dry brush your skin, how to use milk of magnesia as a  primer  and a fabulous video  that demonstrates how to duplicate a 1940’s glam look. Since I  am  a huge  vintage movie fan, this video is a dream come true.

New Fashion FLash memberStephanie of Home in High Heels  covers  a wide range of life style issues including beauty, fashion,  pets, travel, children, health and great recipes. Reading  her blog  is like talking to your favorite neighbor.  Stephanie  has a  charming and honest approach to life. I am always interested and entertained  in what she has to say. What a great addition  to our  group.

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