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fashion flash logoThis week one of my favorite beauty gurus, Marcia of Beauty Info Zone is hosting Fashion Flash. With  her background in education Marcia  drills down to explains  how to pick  the right products for all your beauty needs. In honor of upcoming Earth Day, our bloggers  have reached back in their archives for their best posts that  help both our skin and the planet.


Fashion Flash  Book Review:How to Be a Redhead by Adrienne and Stephanie Vendeti

My college  roomate Erin was fair skined, freckled with a cloud of curly red hair.  We spent hours pouring through fashion magazines and self  help books for  the right color of eyeshadow,  lip pencil or styles for her  super curly red hair.  Most of the time, Erin would give up and just slick on lip gloss and  twist her hair up in a ballet  bun.   I  so wish she had  a copy  of How to Be A Red Head when we shared a funky  4th floor  apartment on Thompson Street in the Village.

How to be a Redhead started out as a website by two red haired   sisters.  Now all of their advice has been gathered  in a well  designed and  well illustrated book.  It starts at the top with expert advice on washing and styling all types and textures of  red hair.  The authors  drill down into specific issues eg  best brush choices, the right pick for shampoo, conditioner and hair dryer .  It  even offers a range   of price points from inexpensive to  luxury.

Redheads have extremely delicate skin.  Quick to burn and more suseptible to irritation the authors recommend that redheads search for products designed specifically for sensitive skin. T hey urge fellow redheads to avoud scrubbing grains and alcohol in their skin care products,  but the most important skin care advice is focused on  sun protection.  Not only do redheads  burn easily, they are at higher risk of skin cancer.  To avoid serious health problems, the authors  recommend wearing sunscreen on all exposed skin surfaces including the neck, ears and  hands.

I remember Erin’s frequent  struggles with make-up.  It affected her self confidence and I  wish she had the exhaustive advice  in this book including:

  • Use hypoallergenic black mascara
  • Don’t try to cover freckles with heavy foundation
  • Use light brown eye gel for the brows
  • Apply thin foundation with a damp sponge for a dewy look

The book ends with a concise  guide to best  fashion colors for redheads. It shatters the myths that redheads can’t  wear red  or white and offers  great style options.  Erin, this book is on its way to you!



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