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fashion flash logoThis Monday  Allison  of Never Say Die Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash. I feel a special kinship  for  this  former New Yorker.  She  has a keen eye for fashion as well as a penetrating mind to  drill down into exploring  the best beauty products.  She is also an amazing photographer  and her photos are  invariably better than those provided by the  brands themselves.   I knew  her advice on  all matters beaut and fashion are honest and carefully thought out.  Subscribe to her   site so that you don’t miss a single valuable post!

Fashion Flash ook Review: Retro MakeUpFashion Flash Book Review: Retro Make-Up by Lauren Rennells

I am huge  vintage fan.  I love Barbara Stanwyck movies,  vast turn  of the century hotels and of course vintage fashion.   Retro MakeUp  could have been written just for me.  It covers  makeup from the 1920’s thru the 196’s.  It is  so well detailed that  even untalented makeup  junkies like me can follow the well illustrated instructions.  It begins with  a wonderful overview of impact of beauty  trends from  the Victorians,  theater, suffragists,  and motion pictures.  It compares   vintage tools with those we have today and reviews basic application skills.

Retro Makeup gets down to business for each era with  an overview of the vintge tools and how to use  modern  products to get the same results.  It explains  the inspiration for each era and  how beautuy standards differed.   I especially loved the back stories to  the design and use of makeup.  For example,  I remember  my mother using a face powder  called ‘Rachel”  It was an especially  flattering creamy peach shade and she would  stock up  to avoid running out. Turns out that it  was named after a popular 19th century  French actress.  She  died young of TB  which only enhanced her image of endless beauty.  Every chapter is packed with great anecdotes  and equally good advice.  I especially enjoyed the chapter on 60’s makeup.  In the day I had tried  but never really mastered the big eye/pale lips defined the era.  With this wonderful little book,  I finally  nailed it.  Better late than never.  Now if they ever bring back whte vinyl boots I am ready.



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