It’s Fashion Flash Monday

fashion flash logoThis week our incredible travel blogger Inka of  Glamour Granny Travels is hosting Fashion Flash. Too many travel sites  are for millenials and  focused on thrill sports and bar hopping.  This  is not what  my tribe is looking for in a vaca. On the other hand  Inka  is  an over 40 writer  who finds the  places that creates a  trip  to be remembered and savored  for years.


New Fashion FLash bloggerMeet  Our New FAshion Flash Blogger: Janise of Mama in Heels

Beauty and fashion blogger  Janise  is a West  Coast  mom of two twin boys.  She is a dedicated  yoga practitioner,  a great cook  and  pursues great  fashion on a budget.   And her skills don’t stop there.  She not  has a great eye for interior decoration, she  knows  her way around tools.  In fact,  in her house, she is the go to person when something needs repair.  Janise  puts all these  skills and interests into her always fascinating site, Mama in Heels.  Like  many  Fashion Flash members,  I was a big fan  before she joined our group.  I love her  recipes, decoration tips and giveaways, but my favorite  feature on Mama in Heels is  her monthly budget  fashion trip.  With a  max of $200 she puts together  an outfit that is cool,  current and flattering.  Too many  fashion blogs  seem to follow the Goop model with $2000 designer bags and $400 jeans.  Real fashion does not need labels or celebrity tie-ins, just natural taste and style that you will find in Mama in Heels.

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