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fashion flash logoThis week Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai is hosting Fashion Flash.  There many experts on the  net, but there are a scant few that  have  the credentials  that Mirabai  has earned.  Exercise is a science,  not a fad and she has  the training and knowledge to provide the steps  you need for real health and fitness. A well meaning  but harmful exercise  can  cause permanent damage to the ones and ligaments, but Mirabai  has the knowlege to  give you gain without  pain.

Fashion FLash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: Glitter and Glam: Melanie Mills

At the MakeUp Show in NYC I had the chance to meet  the uber talented longtime makeup artist for Dancing With the Stars.  In her book, Glitter and Glam, Melanie Mills shares the tips and tools that professionals use to create spectacular looks.

The book begins with a  solid intro  that deals with basic skin care, products and tools.  Then the fun part begins  as Ms Mills offers complete instructions for more than 30 fabulous looks.   I especially appreciaed that her lists of needed  products and tools were unbranded.  This allows the reader to identify  what they need in the type and price of required products.

Some of the looks are inspired by a color, eg  pink, blue or brown.  Others create specific glam looks including show stopper, cover girl or femme fatale. I was delighted by the faces inspired by classic stories including Snow White and Dorothy of Wizard of Oz and famous  faces like Liz taylor and Madonna.

All of the instructions clearly explain which products to use, which tool to use and real time instructions on applications.  it is  such a plesure to have an expert share  such complete and effective instructions.

Melanie Mills now  has  her own line of just about the best sunless tannners I have ever used. Glam Body Radiance was  developed  for  Dancing with the Stars to give them that toned  even color  — and it  made even   my winter pale  legs want to dance.


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