It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week our forever young expert, Jackie  of JackieSilverStyle is hosting Fashion Flash.  Jackie is one of those incredibly wise people who seem to know the best way to do anything.  She is a natural athlete, makes the best cinnamon buns you ever tasted, and is a skilled videographer.   When I needed to do some  videos, I will never forget her  turning my dining room into a perfect studio.

Fashion Flash Giveaway to Fight MS

Over the past year more than 15,000 people have entered our Rafflecopter giveaways for a chance to win a piece of beautiful  Nancy Davis Peace and Love jewelry.  This week we are starting a multi site giveaway of 16 pieces of Peace and Love must have jewelry. They are sold on Evine Home Shoping Network and a portion of the sales will  support the Race to Erase MS campaign.

A Bit of Back Story

Nancy Davis was  just 32 and a mother of three boys when  her legs went numb on a ski trip.  Wthin a few days she  could barely  get out of bed.   Diagnosed with MS, doctors told her go she would be unable to walk in a few years.  Clearly they did not know Nancy Davis. Instead of giving up she created Center Without Walls to support scientists collaborate and share research on  new treatments for MS.   She focused on fundraising and  the results  should be made into  a Lifetime  TV  movie for women.  In the past  20 years she has raised more than $50 million that has led to the development of over a dozen new medications for MS.  Just this month  the FDA approved the first drug that actually repairs damaged nerves– from research supported by Nancy Davis and her foundation.

Enter to WIn Peace and Love Watches and Bracelets

This week Nancy Davis  will offer her new watch and jewelry designs on Evine.  Five of the Fashion FLash Bloggers will be giving away Invicta Peace and Love watches with six changeable  bands and silver toned white tourmaline studded slide bracelets.  Each contest lasts a week and you can enter every day to increase your chance of winning. The giveaway starts with Allison of Never Say Die Beauty. Remember  you need to be in it to win it.

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