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fashion flash logoThis week, MaryLou of Second Lives Club is hosting Fashion FLash.  I am reminded daily that  women over 50 are  making  it  up as we  go along.  Once the children are  on their own and ageism impedes profressional options,  we are  constantly wondering about taking the next step, the right path.   Enter  Second Lives Club– the  site that profiles women  who are making the second fifty years even better than the first 50. In their life stories  you may find the  answers to your own journey.

Fashion Flash Giveaway

Lance Bass Jami Lynn Siegler and Kathy Griffin at the Race to Erase MS Gala

Enter the Fashion Flash #Peaceandlove Giveaway!

I am so excited about  our new Fashion Flash Giveaway with Nancy Davis and  Evine Home Shopping Network.  I the past year more than 10,000 people have  entered  these giveaways for  bracelets, rings, earrings and a spectacular pink crystal heart necklace designed by Nancy Davis.  This time  we  are giving away 8 count’em 8 bracelets studded with white topaz  and 6 Invicta watches.  These  Peace and  Love watches come with a wardrobe of seven interchangeable  watch bands.   I have always loved  watches with extra bands and these bands  have an extra  bonuus– they raise money for the Race to Erase MS campaign.

How it All Began

When  Nancy Davis was  in her  early thirties, the young mother of three was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Rather than accept  a grim future she was determined to find better treatments– and possibly a cure.  In the past 20 years  she has raised  more than 50 million dollars for research that that led to  FDA approval for more than a dozen effective drugs.  Each year  she  kicks  off her annual campaign with a celebrity   studded  gala to raise  both  money and awareness for MS.  This year the  guest list included Paris Hilton, Kris Jenner, Nicole Ritchie, Lance Bass, Kathy Griffin, Harry Hamlin,   and Tommy Hilfinger.  Jamie Lynn Siegler  was honored for  her courage and the iconic rock band Chicage entertained the  generous  guests. More than $1.6 million was raised to continue  the search for a cure.  Check out  Beauty Info Zone for a chance to win one of her  gorgeous watches or bracelets.


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