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fashion flash logoThis week Erika of Notes From My Dressing Table is hosting Fashion Flash.  I love her sense of humour,  her lavender hair, fabulous photography and her enthusiasm for all things beauty.  Erika throws a wide net in her beauty reviews.  She roadtests  cleansers, masks, exfoliators, foundations, eyeliners, bronzers and  lippies of all colors and formulas.   Subscribe to her site  to  see why I am such a fan.


Fashion Flash Book Review-- Facial MagicFashion Flash Book Review:  Facial Magic by Cynthia Rowland

I am often asked why I started to publish No-Nonsense beauty Blog.  My reply?  I wanted to share the most effective beauty advice and alert people to products and ideas  that are ineffective, overpriced or even dangerous.

One of the most persistant beauty  myths is the need  for vigorous facial movements which are often recommended to  erase signs of aging.  In reality movements like blowing  out your cheeks or wiggling your eyebrows actually stretches out  collagen  and increases wrinkling.  By contrast, the  isometric  exercses of Facial Magic, tones and strengthens the skin much  they work for the body.

I became a fan of Facial Magic when I saw Cynthia Rowland  lecture at a NYC Beauty Expo.  When she demonstraed her justly famous  eyebrow exercise, I was stunned to see immediate results that lasted for hours. Just imagine the outcome if done regularly!

Cynthia Rowland has a  seamless, mindblowing  knowledge of facial muscles. She explains how each muscle works,  illustrates how to do each exercise,  and  what results can be expected. Facial Magic begins with a practicial guide to basic skin health.  From diet and stress to harmful cosmetic ingredients  and nutritional supplements, Rowland believes that  solid heath practices coupled with facial exercises  are  essential for a radiant complexion.

You can order Facial  Magic at her  site.  And just for readers of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog  Cynthia Rowland is offering a 25% discount until midnight June 9.  Seriously.  Just use the code  newface when you order.  She will also send you the special white gloves she uses when executing the exercises.


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