It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis  week the amazing Barbara Hannah Grufferman  Best of Everything After 50 is hosting Fashion Flash.  For  many of us  turning 50  seemed like the end of the road. Our  chidren are grown and flown, are jobs  seem stalled and there is  new grey hair and wrinkle every morning in the mirror. When  this happend  to Barbara, she had no time to brood.  Frst she went to experts in every field to find out  the best options and wrote down what  she found out in the besting selling book, Best of Everything After 50.
Fashion FLash Host Barbarba Hannah GruffermanShe is now Bone Health  Ambassador to the National Osteoporosis  Association and host,  AARP Youtube Channel. that shares  the best in nutrition, fashion, health and fitness.  She is  such a role model that  a  non exercisor like me now  enjoys  planking and doing jumping jacks.  Now at age 60  Barbara  runs international marathons– and looks as good at the end of running 27 miles as she does at the start.  And in between running, appearances on the Today,and   filming AARP videos  she has found found the time to write another book–“Love Your Age” arriving at your bookstore early next year.

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  1. Thx for sharing! I have Barbara’s first book and I too do a few of her excerises. She has an excellent approach to aging and she writes clearly! I will look for her new book!

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