It’s Fashion Flash Monday

fashion flash logoThis week one of our newest  members, Sheila of Painted Ladies is hosting Fashion Flash. Her beautiful site is rich in fashion, beauty  and health advice and I love her  West Coast approach to all things lifestyle..  But  I think what makes  Sheila unique are  her wonderful Youtube videos.  Subscribe both to her site  and Painted ladies  YouTube chanel  to up your fashion and beauty game.

Fashion Flash Book Review:  Jack’s Wife Freda

I am on a seemngly endless journey to  find recipes  for health  packed meals  that are  totally delicious.  Not tasty, not decent, but knock your socks off lip smaking wonderful.  On Mother’s Day  my beautiful daughter Karen  took me  few  steps closer to my goal with the gift of  a new cookbook, Jack’s Wife Freda.  I love the   usually vegetarian food at this crowded Weat Village restaurant, but now I can recreate my favs at home.

Jack’s Wife Freda  draws from the flavors of  both Isreal and their Arab  neighbors.  The easy blend of flavors and traditions  gives me hope  for future peace in the area.  Co-existance  is just one of the lessons in this wonderful cookbook.  Most of the ingredients are inexpensive, easily available , packed with flavor AND bursting with antioxidants.  For breakfast/brunch, I never get tired of poached eggs with roasted tomatos and greek Haloumi cheese.  Topped with a homemade salse verde, its rich, salty,  and savory– all at the same time.  It takes minutes to make with ingredients  found in a well stocked kitchen.  For lunch, I am addicted to the pea and ricotta toast, a low fat ( and affordable) version of  everyday avocodo toast.  For dinner  I have two favs– North African duck tangine, rich with dried apricots , mint and cinnamon and the classic crisp  Israeli schnitzel.   Served at the same table its  peace among neighbors  the way it should be.

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