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Fashion FLash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: How to Have Fun with Your Aging parents by Christina Britton Conroy

My mother was a force of nature.  WHen she was 88 she went off on tour of Italy with Elder Hostel  Just wo years later a series of falls changed this once brilliant, fearless  women into an angry confused  person who I did not know.  For the next 10 years, our roles reversed and now I had to  handle  both the big and small issues in her life.  It was very difficult for both of  us and I wish  “How to Have Fun With Your Aging Parents”  had been published years  earlier. This small, easily read  book is packed with tips and guidelines to  make life for aged parents better for the entire family.

The book  begins with an invaluable guide to the four adult parent  personality types, then applies similar questions to analyze  your relationshi with your parents.  Once you have identified  these issues,  Conroy then  offers tools and tips to deal with aging related  problems.  I also appreciated her  honest realistic view of the difficulties of caring for  an elderly, confused, dpendant parent.  She  honesty shares the problems she  faced with her own family  and how small  successes are real successes.  She acknowledges the exhaustion and frustations of dealing with parents who had been less than perfect– and now needed the care they never gave to their children. In addition to walking the walk, Conroy  has  professional credentials that include years as a director of a seior center and is a Certified Music Therapist.

One of the hardest issues is dealing  with parents  who  gradually disappear into dementia.  Conroy offers   genuinely valuable   answers to  difficult problems.  For example, she discovered  that the “safest”  topic of conversation lets  the parent   just to talk about themsellves.  These are  the stories you have heard for years, but they are almost a magic pill for reducing anger.  I noticed this with my mom, and I now wish I  had tried to stay in the past with her.

If you have an older parent, don’t try to navigate these years without “How to Have Fun With Your Aging Parents”. Published by  Black Lyon  Publishing and also is  available from Amazon.

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