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fashion flash logoThis week one of  my all time favorite beauty gurus, Allison of Never Say Die Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is a triple threat blogger– great photographer, strong writer ad an understanding and love of her topic.  Subscribe to her site so that you don’t  miss a single post.

Fashion Flash Book Review: HairstylingFashion Flash Book Review:  Hairstyling from YouTube Tutorials

There seem to be an infinite umber of tutorials on YouTube on  just about any topic.  Some are wonderful, some  not very helpful and  then there are those that  are hilarious–  without trying to be funny.  I can spend way too much time watching these tutorials, searching for the ones that give  me the right  answers.  I especially wanted to find  genuinely  helpful ones to help me style  hair.  It was  slow going until I find  an incredibly helpful little book–. Youtube Guide to Hairstyling   Not only does it provide a review of more than 125 different tutorials, it also provides the links   to make findng them so  much easier.

My college roommate ( and lifelong bestie)   is always complaining about styling   her  long curly hair. Since I write a beauty blog and host fashion Flash I could count on at least one email a month asking for advice on tools and products. But until I got my hands on this little book I was not much help.  Now I have been able to direct her to  to new ways to wash  her hair from Naptural85  that start with a cidar vinegar rinse and how to use coconut milk to beat the frizzies  from AndreasChoice.

The tutorials cover ways to make your own deep conditioner, how to buy shampoos ( avoid those with sulfates) and even how to trim your own bangs.  I  have been  addicted to bangs  for decades and a tutorial from Carlibel55  has been a lifesaver for me. In just 125 pages this little book includes   hair coloring,  stimulating hair growth and at least  eight different updoes. It  combines  printed book with online information  Its  just the best of both worlds.

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