It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoI am so delighted to be hosting Fashion Flash on the last day of July.  The Fashion Flash bloggers  are now deep into summer and their  posts reflect  all that is  wonderful and challenging about  mid summer.

  • Does smiling cause wrinkles? Jackie Silver Style explores the age-old question with surprising answers
  • Prime Beauty  tried  ALL the fabulous Eddie Funkhaouser lipsticks to show you  and is giving away 3 Lip Trios to 3 winners!
  • Painted Ladies has  discovered cruelty-free make-up brushes at a bargin price.  Find out how to save big time on the Bdellium Tools Summer Box.
  • Beauty Info Zone loves bath and body products. There is something about summer and the natural  fragrances like those from Kneipp  that capture her imagination.
  • Glamour Granny Travels wants you to take a family vacation of a lifetime exploringSouth Caucasus, Armania and Georgia
  • Mama in Heels loves jewelry.  She shares her latest jewelry that is both affordable and stylish.  Just like the ubiquitous little black dress– classic, timeless and versitile.
  • Best of Everything After 50 expert, Barbara Hannah Grufferman wants to be certain  that we all protect  our skin this summer with super simple steps. And watch  for her new book LOVE YOUR AGE:  The Small Steps Solution to a Better, Longer Healthier Life!
  • Do you have trouble  losing weight, even  if you exercise and watch calories?  Moving Free With Mirabai   has one question– How are  you  sleeping?
  • Notes From My Dressing Table  tells you  if L’oreal Triple Power Acting Moisturizer is a hit  or miss for her summer dry skin.
  • Second Lives  Club  profiles  a couple who figured out how  to extend their summer vacation for six years– and they haven’t come home yet.
  • Society Wellness explores the ultimate summer herb and super food-cilantro.
  • Allison from Never Say Die Beauty loves flowers in her garden, on display in her home and to send as gifts.  She recently discovered a great online delivery service, for long lasting beautiful arrangements.  Plus she has discount codes that don’t expire to share with us.

And our Fashion Flash  summer entertaining  giveaway  collaboration with Evine Home Shopping Network  starts  in just two weeks.  We are giving away  three sets of  wine from the Deen Brothers new wine club. along with beautiful entertaining tableware. Don’t  miss a chance to  win  a set of Waterford  glassware, colorful dishes or   totally gorgous cheese boards. Lets get the party started!

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