Fashion Flash Today!

fashion flash logoThis week the amazing Erika of Notes from My Dressing Table  is hosting Fashion Flash. WHen it comes to cosmetics  I have to admit I am not courageous.  I tend to  wear the same  foundation, lipsticks and bronzers from one year to the next.  I buy fresh  products but the same colors.  Erika pushes to  me to try something new.  Most recently it was highlighters.  I  just thought they were a Kardashian Kraziness, but I was wrong.  Erika  pushed me  to try them and now they are  as important to me as lipstick.  Yes, Erika is that good.

Fashion FLash giveawayFashion Flash Summer Entertaining GIveaway

I am so thrilled to announce the second in our Evine  summer entertaining giveaway is live!  Hosted by Marcia of Beauty Info Zone, it is a spectacular giveaway that includes a set of three bottles of delicious  Deen Brother’s Wine, an incredible eight piece salad bowl set from French Bull and  three bottles of Paula Deen salad dressing.  These mouth watering dressings can be used in a salad and are equally good as a marinade for chicken, beef or fish.  Its the perfect combo for one  last  cookout with friends.  Good luck!

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