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fashion flash logoThis week  our Rafflecopter Rockstar Marcia of Beauty Info Zone is hosting Fashion Flash  Not only does she have  just about the best beauty giveaways in the Beauty Blogger universe, she has rare insight of what  over 50 skin really needs. Be certain to  click on her Hurricaine  edition of Fashion Flash Round-up. In fact three  of our bloggers  were directly affected by Irma.  Both Melanie ((Society Wellness) and Mirabai ( Moving Free with Mirabai)  live in Sarasota and Jackie ( Jackie Silver Style)  sheltered in place in hard hit Tampa. Our  prayers  were with  them during the storm and now in the clean-up

A Persoal Note from Fashion Flash

This week I lost an old friend  to cancer. Deb Hughes and I  were friends and co-workers for 25 years. Together we went bonde,  hosted symposia dinners for 1000 doctors, hung out with Sly Stallone  at the White House Correspondents  dinner and survived  three marriages, 2 children and the worst boss since the guy that owned the Triangle Dress Factory .

When we experience something tragic,  we tend to look for answers, reasons why bad things happen. But Deb didn’t smoke or drink,  ate  lots of vegetables, took vitamins and  got a yearly flu shot. She had an annual check-up and  had no symptoms until diagnosed at Stage 4 cancer.   Trying to make sense of  a life that ended way too soon,  I came up with a pair of conclusions:

  1.  Life is way too short so make every day count.  Take those walks, read those books, go on those  long planned vacations.
  2.  Stay in touch with friends and family.  Deb and I  had been promising each other to go to Prune, a Foodie favorite in nyc. We stayed in touch by phone and email, but work and travel  kept  putting off our dinner. I’m not going to make that mistake again.








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