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fashion flash logoThis  week that fabulous red head,  Allison of Never Say Die Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash.  The words intelligence and beauty  are often not used together, but  when it comes to  Allison,  intellignece  and beauty go together  like peanut butter and jelly.  She brings a critical eye  for  content and color to her approach to all aspects of beauty care. Subscribe to her site  to get  indepth lifestyle advice you can always trust.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: Natural Beauty Alchemy by Fifi Maacaron

In the past year I have become increasingly  concerned about the chemicals that  are all around  us- in our food, the air we breathe and especially in the products we  use  for our  skin and hair care.   Sometimes when I read the label on a jar I am amazed  (horrified?)  at the long list that manufacturers can get into such a tiny bottle.  When I saw this book at Barnes and Noble, I was drawn to  the natural and organic recipes.  The author,Fifi Maacron is a trained pharmacist and her compounding  skill is present in every recipe.

Nautural Beauty Alchemy covers  just about every body part that you want to clean  and protect. I am   a self admited mask  junkie and this book has many options for any skin type.  I loved the peeling  mask  made from yogurt, aloe vera, honey and ground oatmeal   to boost exfoliation. Oatmeal is truely a super  beauty ingredient  (and food) and Maacaron uses it frequently to take advantage of its anti-inflammatory and anti-acne properties.

I am equally obcessed with toners.  I love the  way a good toner refreshes  my skin, but too many commercial products are high in alcohol, perfume  and/or  preservatives.  Natural Beauty Alchemy is packed with some of the easiest and effective homemade toner recipes.   The almond milk toner with olive oil and rosewater is  perfect  when  weather turns cold and grey;  The astringent  toner  that is an unusual  combo of black tea, witch hazel and apple cidar is incredible on a hot humid day.

The recipes use   common kitchen   ingredients and  a few  inexpensive items from  your local health food store  For example the body polish mixes almond oil, olive oil and rose oil, while the simple and uber natural  body scrub mixes brown sugar with olive oil. And IMHO the recipes for  sage toner is worth the price of the book and a spot on my now sagging  beauty book shelves.

In the past three years I have  lost too  many friends who died way too young.  It has become  very hard to concentrate solely on appearances when real heath problems are effecting so  many women  in our lives.  In the coming weeks, I will be exploring  health issues for women and  what we need to do to stay alive and healthy.


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