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Make-up junkies brushI  have to admit it– I am a make-up junkie.  Tell me there is new highlighter that will erase lines, a new lipstick that lasts forever or another mascara which looks like false lashes– and I am sold.  Problem is– I  am just not very good applying make-up. More times  that I would like to count, I look in the mirror at work or even worse at a party and I can see my foundation is splotchy and uneven. I’ve tried liquids, creams, powders and pancakes and  they are failed to deliver.

That was  then. This is now.  When I first tried Blend Smart revolving brush at the International Beauty Show I could not believe the results.Applied by the make-up artist my face   looked poreless and perfect. Still not believing that it could be  true, I wiped it off and tried it out myself.  To my delight, my foundation looked  like a professional had carefully  worked on it.  I bought one for myself and another to give away to  my readers to thank them for their constant support.

Blend Smart Brush 101

Just dot on small amount of foundation on the forehead, nose, cheeks and  chin. Then with and up and down ( rather than a circular) the battery powered revolving brush needs just light pressure to blend in the makeup to the edges of  your face.  Even for an untalented make up artist like me Blend Smart creates an even, radiant  coverage that Kim Kardashian will envy.  And as an additional bonus, you need about half the amont of foundation that you usually apply to cover your face.

Blend Smart is good for yourthful skin because it avoids the need for a rich moisturuzer.  For skin over 50, it  spreads the foundation  so lightly it  seems to erase  dryness and fine lines. Its my new  favorite tool in my beauty toolbox. Retail value is $70.  Impact on self confidence- priceless.

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3 thoughts on “Make-Up Junkies Giveaway!

  1. I really prefer powder but since I have gotten older I find that it shows more wrinkles and just doesn’t set right on my face. Plus my skin has gotten a little more finicky as I have aged. So I am currently using liquid.

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