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fashion flash logoThis week  Sheila of Painted Ladies is hosting Fashion Flash.  I love the range of  topics she covers including fashion, beauty, home and health. Join her huge number of followers  by subscribing to her wonderful site

Fashion Flash Giveaway tFashion Flash Giveaways:

Right now  we are in the middle of  our #getting Into green giveaway. We started off with an incredible package of four pieces of Ecco Bella makeup choosen by Tracy Anderson, Gweneth Paltrow’s favorite trainer.  Tracy designed four key  makeup looks with Ecco Bella  organic products and we  offered  the key items for Tracy’s “Bare” look. for workouts.  Its so fabulous I ordered them for myself.  I  have to admit I let dust gather on my gym membership, but I loooove the super natrual look for a casual daytime look.  In the coming months we will be doing other looks with organic products that are as good for the planet as they are for the skin.

But wait there is more. October is also Breast Cancer Awarenes Month and  we have posted two  very appropriate  giveaways. Erika of Notes From My Dressing Table is working with Hello Gorgeous  to offer a gorgeous red hoodie and  their amazing book on skin and hair  care during cancer treatment.  Allison of Never Say Die Beauty is an offer of  Sulfate free Lotus shampoo and conditioner designed  for women undergoing  chemo or radiation.

its  hard to find a woman  that has not been touched  by cancer. If its not our own diagnosis, it affects friends, family and co-workers. When a close old friend friend   was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer I  was always thinking of ways to  help.  I  made soup, bought funny slippers and sent over my stash of Meryl Streep movies.  But  what really hit home was when I gave her a copy of the Helo Gorgeous Beauty Guide.  Finally  she had  answers to skin and  hair cair that she had no one to ask.

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