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fashion flash logoThis week, Erika of Notes From My Dressing Table is hosting Fashion Flash. Erika loves all things beauty and I am especially impressed with her evaluations  of scents and fragrances.  Having a “skilled nose”  is a rare talent  and Erika is one of those rare people who can  beautifully analyze the properties of a perfume.  It seems to me that I can almost  smell the fragrance from her descriptions.  Perfume is a highly personal purchse and Erika’s reviews   have always  helped me buy the right one   for myself and for gifts.  Be certain to subscribe to her wonderful site!

Fashion Flash book reviewFashion Flash Book Review: The VIP Doubles Down by Nancy Herkness

I have written 12 non fiction books on health and beauty, but high on my bucket  list is finishing a novel.  I have six, count em six, half finished novels in my closet and this  year I decided to get some help to “finish the damn book”.  I went to a Romance Writers confrence for some guidence. I had gone before and found  the writers incredibly generous with their knowledge and support.  I was especially excited to  find one of my favorite authors actually giving a class on pacing a novel. When I read The VIP Doubles Down I had liked it so  much that I was sorry I had finished the book.  Then I realized it is part of a series.  Joy!

THe VIP Doubles Down by Nancy Herkness is set in NYC and features a delicious  romance between an author with writers block and a spunky physicial therapist. It was an engrossing, plot that was sexy, funny with sharp dialogue  and wonderfully complex characters. It was the  perfect read to forget months of  hurricaines, fires and shootings.

I got a chance to tell Nancy ( yes  its that kind of conference) how much I had both both her book and her class. Her session covered pacing of a novel and her handout has become my chapter check sheet.  When I told her about Fashion Flash she gave  me an signed  copy of The VIP Doubles Down to give away to Fashion Flash readers.  I will combine the book with the perfect partner for a romance novel — a set of three liquid   matte lipsticks ($75 value). If you already know Nancy Herkness, you know just how wonderful her books are.  And  if she  is a new author to you, I’m delighted to make the introduction.

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